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For fromdarktolight

As Wesley was looking at his piece of metal, Angel was busy looking at his hand. The wound on it was healing already, which seemed to disappoint him a little. He'd cut himself on Lindsey's teeth, and he was sure the lawyer was going to need a dental bridge now, along with a new hand. Angel didn't want to cut off the guy's hand - Lindsey was one of the few people at the firm he actually enjoyed beating up - but he wouldn't hand over the scroll so Angel had done what he had to.

Glancing over, a smile lifted over his lips as Wes started talking about researching the metal. Angel had always been amazed by Wesley's intelligence, even in Sunnydale. There wasn't a problem that Wes wouldn't try to solve, even if it meant putting his own happiness on hold for someone else. It was one of the many things that attracted Angel to him - they were both fighting the good fight, no matter what the costs.

"Maybe we'll get a paying job soon and we can get the kit," he commented as he pulled the car onto a side street.

He turned his eyes back to the road as he wondered if he should call Cordy and Doyle to tell them they'd won this time. Angel decided against it, not wanting to disturb the two just yet. Doyle was still recovering from his injuries, and just seeing him made Angel realize he could've lost Wesley that night. He knew he would be lost without the other man there. Wes had a way of keeping him grounded, unlike anyone he'd ever met.

When Wesley had came to Los Angeles, Angel had been standoffish with him. He knew he was one of the good guys, but what he was afraid was what he felt for him. After falling in love with Buffy, and then turning into Angelus, he wasn't sure if getting involved with someone else was a good idea. Angelus' reign had hurt too many people, and he had almost killed Jenny and her unborn child.

But, when Faith showed up in town and took Wesley, he knew he had to act. Angel felt like he was in the middle of a rock, and a hard place, because he wanted to help the both of them. He was sure Wes wouldn't understand, so after getting Faith to turn herself in, he focused all his attention on Wes. He did everything in his power to make the other man comfortable.

The more time he spent with Wesley, the more Angel's feelings for him grew. When Angel heard Wes telling Doyle about his love for John Wayne movies, he didn't hesitate in taking him to one. He wasn't sure how the whole dating thing went, since Buffy and him never went on any real dates, but he tried his best to show Wes how he felt for him.

He stumbled through it for a few weeks, but the night him and Wesley got into a debate over the importance of Wesley sleeping, Angel knew he had to show him why he was so worried about him. So, he kissed him, and ever since then, things started to change for the good.

"I think they're be licking their wounds for a while," Angel said as he grabbed the scroll and walked up to Cordy's apartment. When they walked in, there was a glass of blood and a cup of tea floating in the air. Angel took the blood and smiled. "Thanks, Dennis."

"What happened?" Cordy asked as Doyle and her walked out of her bedroom.

"Destroyed the box, cut Lindsey's hand off, and got the scroll back," Angel explained before taking a drink of the warm blood.

"Good on you!" Doyle said as Cordy helped him sit down on the couch. "Lad had it comin' to him."

Angel merely shrugged and continued to drink.

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